Various Artists “The Polyphonic Congress”





pol·y·phon·ic [pol-ee-fon-ik] adj.

a. having two or more voices or parts, each with an independent melody, but all harmonizing; one accord

con·gress (kng-grs) n.

a. formal assembly of representatives, as of various nations, to discuss problems. The act of coming together or meeting.
The Polyphonic Congress embodies talent in full bloom. Former New Orleans Underground Hip Hop Producer of the Year and musician extraordinaire, Prospek, sits at the helm of a non-stop thrill ride through the auditory dimension, the spectacular spacious realm of sound and adventure. The project is totally composed, arranged and played by Prospek along with some help from his GPNYC label mates and affiliates. The Polyphonic Congress takes you on a ride through hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, and more. Each note has been tailor-made, hand-stitched and crafted with all live instrumentation to fit your listening pressure. Each nuance has been carefully recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered by Prospek himself. Sit back and open your minds. It’s get down time…
Polyphonic Congress Musicians:

Devin Lawrence – guitar, saxophone, bass, mandolin
Tony Clinton – guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion
Cameron Johnson – saxophone
Charles Arthur – flute
Amari Johnson- guitar
Coco Dank – guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, piano, vocals
Jonathan Baliey – guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, piano
Jacksom Power – drums, keyboards, bass, piano, percussion

Polyphonic Congress Vocalists:

Argyle Socks, Lyrikill, Sybil Shanell, elespee, Yuri Jones, Nesby Phips, Suave, Whygee, Juskwam, Elliot Luv, Caliobzvr, Dain, S.Habib, Uppanotch, & Brando

Recorded and mixed at INNER RECESS
1068 Magazine St., New Orleans, La

Mixed by: Prospek for GPNYC Records/Inner Recess
All tracks produced and arranged by: Prospek for GPNYC Records
Engineered by: Prospek for GPNYC Records
Mastered by Prospek for GPNYC Records/Inner Recess
Art Direction by Elespee for GPNYC Records

twitter: @ProProspek
bandcamp: /
web: /
Polyphonic Congress Promo Video:

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