The Guerilla Publishing Company “Port Architect (O.S.T.)”



“In the darkness of a Bywater warehouse, where the spoils of Mardi Gras sleep, a band of fleeting spirits are awakened amidst a labyrinth of cardboard and steel. Inspired by Butoh, a revolutionary form of Japanese dance, ‘Port/Architect’ guides a roving audience through the complex history of mass production.”


‘Port/Architect’ is
Manufactured by Skin Horse
w/ Direction by Evan Spigelman
Choreography by Siena Evans
Costumes by Veronica Hunsinger-Loe
Stage Managed by Anna Henschel
Sound Design by Guerilla Publishing Company
& Features Philip Berezney, Brian Dorsam, Siena Evans, Faith Hitchon, Veronica Hunsinger-Loe, Nat Kusinitz, Annalyn Lehnig, Kira Matica, Kacey Musick, Ian Painter and Cassie Pruyn

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