Suave X Prospek “Day 2 Day Soul”



Combining classic elements of hip-hop, soul, funk, and jazz, singer-songwriter Suave is in a genre of his own innovation. His soulful original lyrics laid smoothly over hard-hitting, yet melodious beats and live instrumentation give Suave’s musical productions the genuine character and artisanal flavor often lacking in mainstream music.


Suave and Prospek’s hip hop soul EP is now available on CD! Features the bonus track “No Justice No Peace (ft. Kam Royal)”


  1. S.P.S. Suave x Prospek 2:52
  2. Above Extacy Suave x Prospek 3:03
  3. March On Suave x Prospek 3:00
  4. On The Brain ft. Bzy Suave x Prospek 4:04
  5. This Cant Work Suave x Prospek 3:21
  6. Never Suave x Prospek 3:44
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