S. Habib “All rights Re served”


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Newark, NJ emcee / producer S. habIB LP album “All rights Re served” is now available exclusively at the GPNYC store. Repping his crew, Slavemarket Radiyo, S. habIB drops raw, rugged and soulful street poetry with a sound inspired by golden era hip hop.


S. habIB also has strong ties to the Guerilla Publishing Company, a New Orleans-based underground hip hop crew. Members of GPC are featured on the album.


The album features production by starklove, Prospek and S. habIB and features guest appearances by Elespee and Suave.


  1. Nocturnal Journals S. Habib 1:00
  2. Bricks and Gumbo S. Habib 3:32
  3. Waiting (for the comeback) S. Habib 3:13
  4. Much Too Earlie S. Habib 1:43
  5. Ex Girl to Ex Girl S. Habib 2:52
  6. Being… for the time (w/ Elespee) S. Habib 4:58
  7. In Dust We Trust (Be Like This) S. Habib 2:18
  8. The Down and Dirtee S. Habib 3:06
  9. Chance to Get Above (w/ Suave) S. Habib 4:04
  10. (transform) S. Habib 1:50
  11. End on Wax (w/ Elespee) S. Habib 3:55
  12. Skyline (cloudkicker) S. Habib 3:48
  13. Incurable Heart Condition S. Habib 3:27
  14. Love Less S. Habib. 5:33
  15. Skyline (Bare Beat Bangapella) S. Habib 4:11

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