S. Habib “Aftanoons”


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Blazing new album from S. Habib and starklove with guest appearances by Big Pepp, Jon Mercure, D-who, and Hosannah (of Uppa Notch). Featuring production by starklove, DJ Bazooka Joe and Prospek.


The physical release is now available for purchase! The digital release is available for free download from gpnyc.com. Share it if you feel it!


  1. For All Time S. Habib 1:42
  2. Fuggedaboutit S. Habib 3:03
  3. Cuz Of My Cool S. Habib 2:56
  4. Same Ole Thing S. Habib 3:26
  5. One S. Habib 2:14
  6. Illustrator Music S. Habib 3:09
  7. Double Dutch S. Habib 3:07
  8. Morphine S. Habib 2:55
  9. Stay Above S. Habib 3:53
  10. Satisfied Mind S. Habib 3:40
  11. B.A.A.D. S. Habib 3:21
  12. Rebuild S. Habib 4:49

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