CaliObzvr “The Untrained Eye”




In true Guerilla Publishing Company tradition “The Untrained Eye” is full of cool sound bites, that serve as a nice narrative carrying the whole CD. It’s definatly something ride to, smoke to, etc…
Cali explains, “I called it “The Untrained Eye”, because as a society we see a lot of things on a daily basis from images on television and other areas of the media, but we really don’t see things. Seeing and not noticing is like hearing and not listening.” The theme of the eyes as our window to the world through out this project is a very clever take on how we observe things in our minds. I have to say each verse is solid, and there is literally no down time.

Cali’s usual accomplices, GPC’s Elespee and Houston emcee JusKwam come break it down with him over the hypnotic Prospek banger “End to End”. Ab Psyche’s Strategy
brings his baritone vocals and New York producer Dj Bazooka Joe drops a sick beat to accompany Cali’s sick rhymes on the song “Music Comes to Life” to make it one of my favorites. DJ Bazooka Joe also provided a couple more beats to keep the Golden Era boom-bap sound alive on the CD, including “True For You” which is also featured
on his “Slang Parade” mix-tape. Another track that I love is “More Than Music” featuring Suave. On this one Cali Obzvr talks about the state of hip hop and the cons of trying to stay relevant in the rap game, while Suave sings one the most beautiful hooks I’ve heard in a long time.
When asked what makes this album different Cali said, “I’m a lot more dark on this one and the tracks by Prospek are mostly played live. We would get together jam out and really kept the samples to a minimum. Plus I focused and worked harder on this than anything else all year long, and I’m glad I finished with a quality project”, Cali says as he breathes a sigh of relief.

The album is available on I-tunes for sale and be heard in full on soundcloud. However my favorite purchasing option is by going to, naming your own price with all of the profits from the donations going towards researching and fighting Cancer.

The Untrained Eye
By @caliobzvr
in New Orleans, LA
Review by Artis Romero
released November 12, 2013

Featuring JusKwam, Elespee, Bro. Seamus, Yuri Jones, Suave, and Strategy.
Produced by Prospek and Dj Bazooka Joe
Recorded at Inner Recess Studio

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