Apparatus “Brooklyn Schranz Muzik”




In 2002 Apparatus went on a voyage through Europe. While visiting Germany he became intrigued by the sound of Schranz Techno. He continued his travels through Switzerland and Italy to Croatia. The music he heard in clubs throughout these countries varied, but none could shake his interest in Schranz Techno.


Upon returning to Brooklyn, Apparatus created an album influenced by the sounds he heard on his trip and by his experiences during his travels. This is the sound of Brooklyn Schranz.


The album has now been re-released by GPNYC.


  1. Upaljac Apparatus 4:49
  2. Brooklyn Crushing Apparatus 4:47
  3. Shlechtasy Apparatus 2:09
  4. Caverns Apparatus 2:02
  5. Staying Awake Apparatus 3:08
  6. Eat These Apparatus 1:03
  7. Pimpin In Frankfurt Apparatus 3:27
  8. I Love to Hurt My 303 Apparatus 2:20
  9. Thumpthumpthump Apparatus 4:38
  10. Cooling Apparatus 5:06
  11. Ouch My Baby Bit Me Apparatus 5:43
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