The music industry is in turmoil.

…At least that’s what we keep hearing. The fact is the term “music industry” is an oxymoron. Music is more than a commodity and it can no longer be contained by a corporate structure. The traditional music industry grew out of a system of inefficiency… Production and distribution were beyond the reach of the masses so those with the means controlled the system.

As a result, music has broken free of the confines of industry. The democratization of technology is often blamed for this, but in truth technology only accelerated a natural process.

Music demands freedom. Many claim the music industry is “broken”… when it is merely “changing”. In many ways it is reverting to its pre-industrial form.

This change has left the top-heavy major labels terrified. They stand at the peak of an outmoded studio system, which is collapsing beneath them. Faced by the new world media order they are scrambling to keep the old system running. Unfortunately for them, the old ways are almost completely gone now.

But all decay yields growth. Growth spawns both evolution and revolution. There is indeed a revolution afoot.

We are a fifth column. We stand in defiance of the old ways. We are not another indie label… We are an artist-centric establishment.

More than a label. We are a paradigm shift.

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