The music of Hans Blix is its’ first and only performance. It is an improvisation, forming itself into a composition full of rich textures, tight hooks, grooves and ambiances.

In 2006 Hans Blix formed in a drummers kitchen, the result of casual improvised sessions using Laptops, Effects Pedals, Processors, and assorted toys. The members of Hans Blix found that when they improvised the combination was far away from the typical associations of free improvisation (the so called 45 minute “jazz odyssey”). Instead, the group became interested in spontaneously creating complete compositions with intros, bridges, codas, and distinct sections.

Hans Blix vs. starklove “Reblix” is a new release from GPNYC. All of the music on the album was spontaneously improvised by Hans Blix, recorded, then remixed by GPNYC artist starklove. The album features bassist Mic DuClos and appearances by GPNYC emcees S. Habib and Big Pepp. The digital version is a FREE download.

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