Citizen Strange
Citizen Strange

The entire Citizen Strange back catalogue is being made available from GPNYC.

GPNYC re-released the Citizen Strange LP "Rehab for Quitters" in 2010. Originally released in 2001 on Bedouin Soul Records, Citizen Strange stretches the limits of instrumental hip hop on this 10 track outing. A wild ride through a huge variety of genres and influences, "Rehab" is as inspiring and forward-thinking as it was a decade ago.

GPNYC has now re-released all of Citizen Strange's early works. Citizen Strange's first four albums will be made available for free download via the GPNYC website. The catalogue includes the Citizen Strange albums "Bass Time Continuum" (1995), "Strange NY" (1997), "Mind Tricks" (1998) and "Darkside of the Sun"(1999).

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