Caliobzvr is an emcees and producer. Born and raised in Los Angeles California. He took to music in the late 80's under the backdrop of the crack boom, and the huge influx of street gangs and violence in his hometown as a way to keep busy and stay out of trouble, and he hasn't stop doing it since the day he started in the spring of '85. Soon after Hurricane Katrina he was invited to New Orleans by his good friend Prospek, and introduced to Elespee, and the Guerilla Publishing Company. After recording his classic song, "Heavy Rotation" that day Cali knew the GPC's sound and style was a perfect fit.

Caliobzvr says the one way to sum up his style or subject matter is like , turning on cable television at 5'oclock in the evening and channel're gonna get a little bit of everything. A little news, some comedy, a few sports references, and some classic quotes and references to some old shows and movies. Always making you think to yourself, "I remember that"His words are a real clever take on ome of Pop Culture topics over some soulful, funky, classic hip hop sounds.

Caliobzvr has performed at many venues, college campuses, and festivals around the country, including, New Orleans Jazz Fest, VooDoo Fest in New Orleans, House of Blues in Los Angeles and New Orleans. Cali has performed on MTV's Real World New Orleans. He has also opened up for many acts along the way like Killa Priest, Kool Keith, Ice Cube, The Coup, Afrika Bambaataa, and many more.

You can check out Caliobzvr's BandCamp page and enjoy all his albums and features, from the "California Obzervations" CD, to his latest project "The Untrained Eye".

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